Accident-Attorney News: 3 Lesser Known Types of Negligent Driving

Everyone knows about the most common types of negligent driving. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers has been campaigning against drunk driving since 1980, keeping Americans informed on the dangers of that type of negligent driving.


Likewise, if you weren’t already aware of the scope of the texting-and-driving problem, the national Distracted Driving Month probably educated you.

These issues deserve the attention they receive, but there are many other types of negligent behavior that can cause a car accident.

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1. Using a Hands-Free Cell Phone Can Cause a Car Accident

Somehow, during the campaign against texting while driving, we’ve lost sight of the fact that talking on the phone is no safer than surfing the web when you’re driving. The Newport Patch details an accident that involved cell-phone use and left a pedestrian dead.

During the ensuing criminal trial, the jury heard that it took the driver more than 13 seconds to react to the pedestrian entering the roadway. By contrast, a sneeze takes your eyes off the road for approximately 1.5 seconds.

Even if talking on a cell phone while driving isn’t illegal in your state, you can still sue a cell-phone-using driver in civil court if they cause an accident.

2. Loaning a Car to an Unfit Driver

The negligent driver may not be the only person liable for an accident. If the owner of a vehicle loans it to an unfit driver, he or she could be responsible for any accident that occurs. The most obvious example of this involves parents who let their children drive.

If you were to allow an underage or unlicensed driver operate your vehicle, you may face a lawsuit if the driver then causes an accident.

Likewise, lending a car to a person who is seriously ill or who has a physical handicap constitutes negligent behavior.

3. Using Headphones Is Dangerous

Although rare, auditory distractions have be known to cause accidents. This happens most often when a driver is using headphones, fails to hear an approaching emergency vehicle and causes an accident when other vehicles slow down or move toward the shoulder.

It’s important to note that audiobooks and podcasts can also cause cognitive distractions that keep a person’s mind from the task of driving.

In short, any activity that prevents a driver from giving 100 percent of their attention to the road can be negligent. If you’ve been injured in an accident, and you’re looking for a Nashville accident lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against a negligent driver, call us.

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