Accident-Lawyer News: Drunk Driver Rampages Through Park

One of the more frightening aspects of the drunk-driving epidemic is the number of repeat offenders. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, the state has more than 59,000 third-time DUI offenders and more than 17,000 five-time offenders. The reality of the situation is that many of these drivers continue to get behind the wheel while intoxicated until they cause an accident or end up behind bars.



UPI News reports that Jason Rickard was drunk when he swerved his vehicle off the road and onto a disc-golf course. Rather than stop, he continued to drive through the park and nearly ran over two women on the course. When they yelled at him to stop, he got out of his vehicle and began acting aggressively.

Witnesses called police, who arrived after a concerned bystander punched Rickard to keep him away from the women. Police arrested

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the driver and charged him with reckless endangerment. The unfortunately truth is that there is a high chance Rickard will decide to drive drunk again. Next time, he might cause a serious accident.

Drunk Driver Strikes Two Pedestrians During Independence Day Celebrations

Unfortunately, not all pedestrians are lucky enough to escape an encounter with drunk drivers unharmed. The Daily Pilot reports that Jana Lynn Swauger was passing a group of people setting off fireworks when she lost control of her vehicle and ran over two pedestrians. Police say Swauger was driving under the influence at the time.

Paramedics transported both victims to the hospital for treatment. Although the police would not provide specifics about the victims’ conditions, an officer did say one of the pedestrians suffered a broken leg in the accident.

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Could Google Glass Cause a Distracted-Driving Car Accident?

Smartphones are notorious for distracting drivers, but could wearable technology also contribute to negligent driving habits? That’s the question that a judge recently had to answer after a police officer cited a woman for wearing Google Glass while driving. Digital Trends reports that the judge found the woman not guilty because there is no way to determine if the device was active at the time.

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