Accident-Lawyer News: Hit-And-Run Roundup

Hit and runs have become an epidemic in the United States. Although there is no central location for hit-and-run car accident statistics, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that one in five pedestrian deaths involves a hit and run. The AAA Foundation believes that the number of drivers who leave the scene of an accident each year is increasingly dramatically.


One look at the local news confirms these suspicions. In Tennessee, hit-and-run drivers who cause property damage face fines, 30 days in jail and a possible license suspension. However, those drivers who cause an injury or death spend up to one year in jail and must pay harsher fines. The prosecutor also has the option to charge the suspect with a felony if police determine that the driver knew that the accident caused the injury.

Many people criticize these laws, complaining that the penalties are not severe enough, giving drunk drivers incentive to leave the scene and sober up to avoid a DUI. Fortunately, victims of hit-and-run drivers have the option to file civil lawsuits to find justice and recover compensation for their injuries.


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Police Catch Driver Who Struck Pedestrian

News Channel 5 reports that police found 18-year-old Dashawna Saunders unconscious in the road. She suffered severe injuries, so the local EMS flew her to a medical center in Nashville. Doctors expect her to recover, though she may need painful physical therapy.

Meanwhile, police began to search for the driver that struck Saunders and left her in the road. When they arrested Scott Lee Murphy over an unrelated issue, he confessed to striking the girl. He told officers that he was scared because he didn’t know what he’d hit, so he continued driving.

At the time of the accident, Murphy was driving on a revoked license, which he lost seven years ago after a DUI conviction. Police charged him with leaving the scene, and there is no word on whether or not Saunders plans to file a personal-injury lawsuit.

Police Charge Woman After Hit-And-Run Death

According to News Channel 5, witnesses called police to the scene of an accident that left a pedestrian dead in the street. By the time they arrived, the driver was gone. Two days later, the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident called police and told them that Curteria Luellyn borrowed the car and returned it severely damaged.

The damage was consistent with a pedestrian accident, so police arrested Luellyn and charged her with vehicular homicide.

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