Accident-Lawyer News: Mechanical Failure Causes Fatal Bus Crash

The relationship between mechanical problems and car accidents has been a hot topic this year because of the General Motors lawsuits, but the issue persists. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, mechanical failures and manufacturing defects cause approximately 12 percent of all car crashes in the United States. In many cases, poor maintenance causes these wrecks, which often turn fatal.


WBIR News reports that police believe a serious mechanical failure may have caused a bus crash in Tennessee. Authorities say the bus sped through a red light and into a busy intersection last week. It struck both a car and a pickup truck and then continued into a store parking lot.

The bus was carrying a group of churchgoers who were on their way to a Christian conference. The group had just finished volunteering at a homeless shelter before continuing on the way to their destinations.

The Driver Claimed He Was Unable to Stop or Avoid the Car Crash

After the accident, the driver told police that he was unable to stop at the red light due to a mechanical error. Officers took him to the hospital to undergo a mandatory blood test, but they do not anticipate that drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident. The police carried out a thorough investigation of the vehicle to determine whether or not a mechanical failure interfered with the brake system.

The driver of the car, Jewel Winton, died at the scene of the accident. Authorities say she was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the crash. At least two others were seriously injured in the wreck, though there is no word on their current conditions.

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Police Confirm That a Mechanical Problem Caused the Wreck

Local 8 Now News reports that investigators did find evidence of a brake failure but are unable to release any specifics about the problem. If poor maintenance caused the failure, the owners of the vehicle could face civil lawsuits from the injured drivers. On the other hand, if it is tied to a manufacturer’s defect, the maker of the bus, GMC, may face the lawsuits.

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