Accident-Lawyer Tips: 3 Ways to Increase Motorcycle Safety

WATE News reports that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month in Tennessee, and the Highway Safety Office and local law enforcement agencies are collaborating to promote motorcycle safety. The effort is prompted in part by Tennessee’s growing number of motorcycle accidents.


According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, motorcycle crashes rose by 42 percent in a four-year period, increasing from 2,293 in 2004 to 3,257 in 2008. We saw a similar increase in motorcycle fatalities, which reached 145 in 2008. That number has remained more or less constant during the past five years, hitting 135 in 2013.

Experts expect another increase this year, as distracted driving becomes a more serious issue statewide. With just a few changes in driving behavior from both bikers and drivers alike, many of the past accidents would not have occurred.

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1. Check the Weather Before Your Ride

Motorcycles aren’t quite as stable as cars, making it more dangerous to ride in the rain, especially when making a turn or riding at high speeds. It’s important to always check the weather and to know when it’s safe to ride and when it isn’t.

WRCB News reports that Nashville riders in particular should keep an eye out for rain, because meteorologists are predicting more rain in the near future.

If you find yourself needing to ride while it is raining, you should wait for at least a few minutes after the showers begin; rainwater often combines with oils on the road, making it extra slippery for the first 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Wear a Helmet

Although a helmet won’t help you in a serious car accident, in may help you during less severe ones. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that helmet use increased by approximately 20 percent between 2005 and 2009, and helmets saved 1,829 lives in 2008.

3. Increase Your Visibility to Avoid a Car Accident

After an accident with a motorcyclist, it’s common for drivers to say they didn’t see the motorcycle or that the biker came out of nowhere. Part of Motorcycle Awareness Month is encouraging drivers to look for bikers every day.

It’s important that drivers share the road, but as a biker, it’s you who is at risk, so it’s worth putting some effort into your own visibility.

Wearing brighter colors can help, and many bikers tend to put on their high beams during the day to give drivers a better chance of noticing them. When driving on the highway, defensive driving is the best way to avoid an accident, so make sure to spend as little time in drivers’ blind spots as possible.

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