Police Officer Killed on Interstate and Other Accident-Attorney News

Standing or walking along the highway is extremely dangerous, and it’s why so many highway construction workers suffer injuries every year. Likewise, it’s common to read about good Samaritans exiting their vehicles to help stranded motorists along the shoulder, before a reckless driver strikes both parties.

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Accident-Lawyer News: Police Determine No Fault in Crash

After any car accident causes injuries or a significant amount of property damage, local police conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether or not to make arrests and issue citations. Even if they don’t take any further action, these reports are particularly useful for any drivers involved who wish to file a personal-injury lawsuit.

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Accident-Lawyer News: Hit-And-Run Roundup

Hit and runs have become an epidemic in the United States. Although there is no central location for hit-and-run car accident statistics, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that one in five pedestrian deaths involves a hit and run. The AAA Foundation believes that the number of drivers who leave the scene of an accident each year is increasingly dramatically.


One look at the local news confirms these suspicions. In Tennessee, hit-and-run drivers who cause property damage face fines, 30 days in jail and a possible license suspension. However, those drivers who cause an injury or death spend up to one year in jail and must pay harsher fines. The prosecutor also has the option to charge the suspect with a felony if police determine that the driver knew that the accident caused the injury.

Many people criticize these laws, complaining that the penalties are not severe enough, giving drunk drivers incentive to leave the scene and sober up to avoid a DUI. Fortunately, victims of hit-and-run drivers have the option to file civil lawsuits to find justice and recover compensation for their injuries.


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3 Ways To Use Your Smartphone After A Crash

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so this post should come with a word of caution: it’s never safe to use your smartphone while driving. That said, your phone can prove very useful after you’ve been in a car accident with a distracted driver.


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Reckless Drivers Kill TN Teens

It’s difficult to fathom the amount of grief that a parent experiences after losing a child, especially when a negligent driver is to blame in a hit-and-run accident. Two sets of Tennessee parents face the impossible task of burying their children this month after preventable car accidents took the lives of a 19-year-old and a 14-year-old.

drag racing

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Personal-Injury Lawyer Regarding Nursing Home Abuse

Most personal-injury lawsuits center on accidents where negligence played a role. Few involve any maliciousness or premeditated acts. However, one of the more unconscionable types of a personal-injury lawsuit regards nursing home abuse.

nursing home abuse

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Personal-Injury Lawyer News Roundup For Nashville

Schools are responsible for more than just educating their students; they also have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for the young people that attend classes. Parents trust the staff to make responsible decisions and quickly address safety concerns. Sometimes, they misplace their trust.


According to News Channel 5, one high-school student in Tennessee claims that her school failed to stop serious sexual bullying even after she reported the behavior to the administration. According to her lawsuit, the school board admitted a special needs student who had a history of violence at other schools.

The school determined that the boy could attend classes so long as he was under constant supervision. Unfortunately, he was not. The girl alleges that she was attacked several times, saying that the boy would lick her leg and back. In one particularly violent attack, he choked her while trying to lick her face. The girl is seeking $300,000 in damages related to the attacks.

If you’ve been victimized because a school or other institution acted negligently, don’t hesitate to call our offices. At Grimmett Law Firm, PLLC, we’ve successfully represented hundreds of Tennesseans and helped them seek compensation for their injuries. To speak with an experienced Nashville personal-injury lawyer today, call us at 1-877-900-4878.

Wall Collapse Sparks Wrongful-Death Lawsuit In Tennessee

Last April, Jose Velasco-SanAugustin was working on a Goodwill Industries store, doing excavation work. Above him, an employee with a waterproofing company was standing on a ladder, caulking around the outside of a wall. According to a report issued by the Tennessee Dxivision of Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA), a gust of wind caused the 24-foot brick wall to fall onto Velasco-SanAugustin, killing him instantly.

Velasco-SanAugustin is survived by his wife and three children. The Tennessean reports that his widow recently filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against three companies who were working on the building. She is seeking compensatory damages totaling $3 million and punitive damages totaling $3 million.

The Government Fined The Companies After TOSHA Released Its Report

The report found that the construction workers did not properly brace the wall. At the time of the accident, only four braces supported the wall. Safety codes required at least 24 braces. Strangely, all 24 braces were present a few days before the accident, but an employee must have removed them.

In additional to

the bracing issue, the government cited each of the companies for negligence based on not limiting access to the site and not training their employees on the proper methods of wall construction. Each company was fined approximately $16,000 for the accident, which killed two workers and severely injured another.

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Tennessee-Based Hospital Sued

Losing a loved one is devastating no matter the circumstances, but losing them because of a doctor’s negligence or recklessness is infuriating. To make matters worse, doctors almost never face criminal charges even if their actions are extremely dangerous, which means that your only recourse to find justice is through a medical-malpractice lawsuit.


In Tennessee, suing a doctor is now much easier said than done. Lobbyists relentlessly—and successfully—pressured the legislature to make malpractice lawsuits difficult to win for patients. That said, many cases still stand a good chance of winning. You may be wondering how you can determine whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

At Grimmett Law Firm, PLLC, we believe that you deserve to know whether or not you have a strong case before paying a dime, which is why we offer a free consultation to anyone considering a medical-malpractice lawsuit. To speak with a personal-injury lawyer in Nashville about your case, call 1-877-900-4878.

A Tennessee Medical Company Faces A Medical-Malpractice Lawsuit After Patient Dies

Philly.com reports that the family of E. Steven Collins recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital where he died. Last September, Collins walked into the hospital complaining of difficulty breathing, pain and pressure in his chest and clammy skin. His doctor discovered that Collins had very high blood pressure and ordered an electrocardiogram.

Any experienced doctor would look at those symptoms and know that Collins was experiencing a heart attack. However, his doctor neglected to consult a heart specialist and decided to treat Collins only for the high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the drug that he administered lowered Collins’s blood pressure to unsafe limits, and the strain on his heart only increased. The hospital staff claims that they planned to transfer him to a medical center better equipped for treatment, but he died three hours later without receiving any treatment for his heart attack.

His Family Claims That He Could Have Survived If The Situation Had Been Handled Differently

When a person experiences a heart attack, it is vital that they receive blood-thinning medication as soon as possible, which is why doctors advise you to chew an Aspirin if you ever suffer a heart attack.

Had the emergency room doctor called for a cardiologist, Collins may still be alive today. He leaves behind a loving wife and two children. His widow filed the lawsuit, naming the hospital, the doctor and the Tennessee-based medical company.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury while being treated at a hospital, we can help you decide if pursuing a lawsuit is the right next step. If it is, we will gather evidence to support your claim and find expert witnesses if necessary. To learn more about our services, call 1-877-900-4878.

Personal-Injury Stories In Tennessee

Spring is so close that it’s tempting to break out the shorts and sunglasses, but as a recent WBIR news story proves, we’re not there yet. A storm that passed through Tennessee caused a serious accident on the interstate.

haunted house

The exact chain of events is still unknown, but we have a pretty good idea of what caused the accident. According to the Department of Transportation (DoT), the entire four-lane roadway was covered in a thick sheet of ice.

In total, 12 vehicles were involved in the accident, four of which were tractor trailers. Given that the roadway was covered in ice, it’s not surprising to hear that three of the tractor trailers jack knifed while the last rolled over.

Fortunately, none of the drivers or passengers received serious injuries, though everyone should take the story as a warning to slow down when there may be ice on the road. If you have been injured by a driver who failed to adjust their driving to the conditions, we can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

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Local Man Files Personal-Injury Lawsuit Against Haunted House Over Fish-Eating Contest

Cameron Roth got more than he bargained for when he entered a live-fish eating contest at Frightmare Manor, a haunted house. To complete the challenge, Cameron was instructed to eat two bluegill fish that were still living.

Believe it or not, this type of contest is not too uncommon, but contest organizers usually remove the spines of the fish to keep everything safe. Unfortunately, Frightmare Manor didn’t.

Roth Was Taken To The Hospital And Remained There For Four Days

UPI reports that Roth began

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chocking on the first fish. Despite the dangerous nature of the contest, the haunted house didn’t have any medically certified individuals on staff. They also neglected to call for help. Finally, another patron called for an ambulance.

Roth spent the next two days in the intensive care unit and another two under observation. By all accounts, he is lucky to be alive.

Business owners have a responsibility to provide their customers with a safe environment, and Roth’s story shows how dangerous it can be if they fail in that responsibility. Roth filed a personal-injury lawsuit against the company that owns the haunted house and the manager they hired to oversee it. He seeks $150,000 as compensation.

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Stories About Medical Malpractice

Although it has been overshadowed recently by the Affordable Care Act and immigration reform, medical malpractice remains a hot topic in the United States. Legislators call for reform and discuss putting caps on the amount that can be recovered, while others point to malpractice insurance as the area that is deserving of change.


We believe that more focus should be paid to the victims of medical malpractice. At the end of the day, they are the ones who suffer the most and the ones that these laws were created to protect. At the Grimmett Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to working with malpractice victims to help then find the compensation they need to pay their medical bills and find some peace of mind.

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1. Cosmetic Surgery Leaves Women With Ongoing Medical Problems

After undergoing an abdominoplasty, which is designed to tighten stomach muscles and remove excess tissue from the area, Kathie Pagan experienced severe complications. M Live explains Pagan was well aware of the possible complications, so her malpractice suit is not based on the issue itself but on how much worse it became because of her surgeon’s actions.

She complained to the surgeon about the infection that had grown within the wound and, on multiple occasions, he cleaned it and prescribed medication but refused to give her information to a wound-care specialist as she requested.

The infection grew so bad that her stomach is permanently deformed and she is no longer able to jog and exercise as she once did. This month, jurors awarded her $1.3 million.

2. Multiple Infections Lead To Amputation, Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

After Donald Shultz broke his ankle in 2005, he was treated by a doctor who found evidence that the injury caused a strange disorder to develop, leading to nerve damage on his little toe. Unhappy with the medical care he was receiving, Shultz switch doctors.

Buffalo News reports that his new doctor recommended surgery to treat the disorder, and Shultz agreed. Later, when the surgeon told him that the toe needed to be amputated, Shultz agreed again. An infection that resulted from the first surgery necessitated another toe amputation, then an amputation below the knee, followed by another final amputation of the entire leg.

Shultz’s malpractice lawsuit claimed that the multiple infections were evidence of malpractice. His jury agreed, awarding him $9.1 million.

If you are planning to file a malpractice claim, you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side who can help you find expert witnesses, gather evidence and structure your case. To find out more about how an attorney can help, Call Us At 1-877-900-4878 Today!