Drunk Driver Kills Businessman, and More Accident-Lawyer News

All drunk drivers are irresponsible, and many suffer from alcoholism. This disease explains their compulsive behavior; however, it does not excuse their decision to drive negligently, because it directly affects other people’s safety.


According to the 2014 Mothers Against Drunk Driving statistics report, an alcoholic will drive under the influence 80 times on average before he or she faces a criminal charge. Even after spending time in the courtroom, many become repeat offenders.

This notion of habitually negligent drivers is exemplified by a recent story in the Times News. Michael K. Locke, a prominent businessman and former state representative in Tennessee, spent last week setting up campaign signs for Bud Holsey, who is currently campaigning for a seat in the legislature.

Locke was working near a bridge when a drunk driver lost control and struck him. The accident forced Locke off the bridge, causing him to fall approximately 20 feet into a ravine.

The Driver Was Arrested for DUI Four Days Before the Car Accident

Police say James D. Hamm, Jr. was driving the vehicle that struck Locke. Hamm failed to stop after the accident and continued driving across the bridge before turning onto the highway.

Soon after entering the highway, Hamm stopped his vehicle. Another driver stopped to check on him and immediately determined that he was impaired. The driver took Hamm’s keys and called the police.

Four days before, police had arrested Hamm after he drove his vehicle into the wall of a store. When officers searched his vehicle, they found liquor hidden under the flooring of the car. Now, he faces two separate DUI charges within four days.

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Distracted Teen Runs Into Highway Patrol Car

According to ABC News, the Tennessee Highway Patrol recently arrested a teen driver after he swerved into oncoming traffic and struck a police officer’s car. Authorities say Nicholas Austin sent a text message just moments before the accident.

The teen suffered serious injuries in the head-on collision. EMS flew Austin to a nearby medical center. Officer Randy Gabrel was also injured in the accident

Police have charged Austin with texting and driving.

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