Elder Abuse And Why It’s Important To Contact A Personal-Injury Lawyer

Nursing-home abuse is one of the most difficult forms of personal injury to track and fix for a variety of reasons. If an elderly person does not have close relatives that visit often, they may have a very difficult time reporting the abuse, especially because contact with the world outside of the nursing home almost always needs to pass though the abuser.


Also, elder-abuse victims often have physical or mental disabilities, such as Alzheimer’s, that prevent them from alerting anyone about the abuse. Despite these difficulties, one fact is certain: Nursing-home abuse is widespread and needs to be addressed immediately.

The Huffington Post reports that some steps have been taken to address the issue. For instance, the Elder Justice Act was a recent attempt by the federal government to step in and help prevent elder abuse. Under the law, more funding is allocated to Adult Protective Services. Another way to prevent this type of abuse is to develop educational programs that inform the public about the signs and dangers associated with elder neglect and abuse.

A Personal-Injury Lawsuit Is Also A Viable Option For Addressing Abuse That Has Already Occurred

Personal-injury laws were put in place to protect people from injuries that are caused by the negligence or carelessness of another party. Elder abuse and neglect fit under the umbrella of personal-injury law. Filing a lawsuit against abusers can send the message that this behavior is unacceptable. Also, it can directly benefit the victim, who may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

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Neglect Is One Of The Most Prevalent Forms Of Nursing-Home Abuse

The Online Sentinel recently discussed one of the most appalling forms of nursing-home abuse, which is beginning to become common throughout the country. In the past few years, dozens of elderly residents have died because nursing-home staff neglected to attempt CPR. Nursing homes that fail to administer CPR when required are liable for wrongful-death lawsuits and face steep fines from the state government.

According to a ProPublica data analysis, Tennessee has the highest amount of fines charged to nursing homes, reaching more than $5.6 million during the past three years.

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