Good Samaritans Track Down Hit-and-Run Driver, and Other Accident-Lawyer News

Hit-and-run accidents are on the rise in the United States, and Tennessee is no exception to the trend. According to AAA, the majority of drivers who leave the scene of accidents either do not hold a valid license or are impaired. Either way, most hit-and-run drivers have something to gain by fleeing.


For example, impaired drivers who cause a car accident that leaves pedestrians or other drivers with serious injuries often face a decade or more of jail time. However, if they leave the scene long enough to sober up, they may only face a few years behind bars.

This scenario almost played out last week in Tennessee. WKRN-TV News reports that a young boy was riding his scooter when a driver struck him. The boy’s mother witnessed the incident and ran to check on her child.

Meanwhile, the driver briefly stepped out of his vehicle before jumping back in and speeding away. A young couple was driving by and saw the driver, Jan Cooley, trying to leave. They decided to trail Cooley, following him to a nearby motel before calling the police.

Cooley Locked Himself in the Motel Room, Forcing Police to Break in

The couple, Joe Coelho and Kacie Finley, watched as police placed a small amount of explosives on the door to gain access to the motel room. Police arrested Cooley and charged him with two felonies for leaving the scene of an accident that involved injuries.

They also charged him with possession of marijuana. Cooley admitted to officers that he had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol before the crash.

Fortunately, the young boy suffered only minor injuries and got the chance to thank the couple who tracked down his attacker.

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Truck Driver Sentenced to 20 Years After Car Accident

Last year, an accident demonstrated just how dangerous drinking and driving is for a truck driver. In November, Ricky Lynn Hatfield drank approximately 12 ounces of liquor before getting behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

Hatfield began driving down the interstate and eventually struck two men who were stopped along the shoulder, attempting to repair a broken-down vehicle.

One of the victims suffered trauma to his spine and lives in constant pain. He was in a coma for two months and is now unable to feel or move his right arm.

A judge sentenced Hatfield to 20 years in prison, and he will most likely be responsible for paying for his victims’ medical expenses.

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