Medical Malpractice News Roundup From Your Personal-Injury Lawyer

Imagine that you go to your doctor—a doctor you trust. He knows more about medicine and treatment than you ever will, so you put your faith in him, assuming that he will give your health issue the attention it deserves.

Now, imagine that a routine treatment leaves you disfigured or that a misdiagnosis leaves you crippled. The men and women who file medical-malpractice lawsuits know exactly how that feels. On the whole, doctors are smart and trustworthy people. But sometimes, inattention leads to disaster for the patient.

Negligent medical care is not harmless and certainly not victimless. When a person is injured by the reckless behavior of a doctor or other health-care professional, they need an advocate who can help them find justice through a civil lawsuit. They need a personal-injury lawyer.

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Improper Sterilization Leads To Brain Disorders

Medical malpractice is not isolated to any one part of the country. It is present in every state. The LA Times reports that at least 18 patients have been exposed to a serious and incurable brain disease.

Here’s how it happened: When a patient is suspected of having Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, the instruments used to conduct a surgery on that patient undergo a special sterilization process to neutralize any remnants of the disease. In other words, the normal sterilization method just won’t cut it.

One hospital failed to properly sterilize the equipment before operating on more patients, possibly exposing dozens of patients to the disease. What’s worse, the disease is incurable and can claim a victim’s life within six months of the onset of symptoms. The hospital settled with various patients after lawsuits were filed.

Negligent Surgeon Leaves Patient In Coma

According to Lawyers and Settlements News, a heart surgery patient is in a vegetative state after a surgeon abruptly left the operating room before the surgery was complete. The family of the victim claims that the surgeon left for a luncheon, allowing a surgical assistant to finish the surgery.

The victim is currently on life support, and his family has filed a medical-malpractice lawsuit over the injuries against both the surgeon and the hospital. Preliminary reports suggest that the assistant was grossly under qualified, and the patient stopped breathing during the second half of the surgery.

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