Nashville Man Charged After DUI

DUIs have long been a problem in Tennessee, but, according to the Century Council, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities are on a downward trend. They estimate that the number of DUI-related deaths has decreased by more than 50 percent in the state over the last decade. That said, there were still an estimated 315,000 people injured by drunk drivers in 2011.


News Channel 5 reports that a Nashville man has been arrested after he caused a car wreck while intoxicated. The wreck occurred late at night on the interstate. The drunk driver, Jose Miguel Castillo-Calles, was driving a Volkswagen Passat. He struck a motorcyclist whose motorcycle became entwined with the car. The vehicles swerved, hitting both guardrails. The motorcyclist was thrown

onto the shoulder of the road and killed.

A Personal-Injury Lawsuit Can Offer Victims of Drunk Drivers A Way To Recover

Castillo-Calles is one of many drivers that drink and drive. If you have been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you will likely be wondering how you can pay for your medical bills and other expenses that are related to your injuries.

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After The Accident, Castillo-Calles Fled The Scene

Often, a drunk driver will leave the scene of the car wreck in an attempt to avoid DUI charges. Instead of calling for help, Castillo-Calles decided to get out of his car and leave by foot. Police quickly apprehended him, and he will face more charges for leaving the scene of the accident. Police officers administered a field sobriety test and sent a blood sample for testing.

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