Nashville Opera Singer Hires Personal-Injury Lawyer After Surgical Error

A woman who had a flourishing career with the Nashville Opera Company claims that medical malpractice turned the aftermath of her pregnancy into a nightmare that ended her career and will affect her for the rest of her life. It all started in 2012 when she gave birth to her son. She was at a military hospital because her husband was a staff sergeant at the time.

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CBS News reports that during Amy Herbst’s labor, her nurse noticed that the position of her baby was making the delivery very difficult. It is not uncommon for medical staff to use techniques that can shift the baby’s position or make the delivery process easier. What is uncommon is for the medical staff to perform a procedure to fix the problem without informing the patient or gaining their consent.

Although there are many different procedures that can aid in the situation, many of which are non-surgical, Herbst’s nurse took it upon herself to perform a perineum, which involves making an incision to ease the passage of the baby. The nurse did not tell Herbst what she was doing or ask for permission.

Soon After Leaving The Hospital, Herbst Began Experiencing Side Effects Of The Procedure

Herbst was surprised when she immediately began to experience excessive flatulence and incontinence. When she went to a doctor to discover what was causing her symptoms, the doctor explained that it was a complication from her perineum, which was how Herbst discovered what the nurse had done.

Her severe incontinence has made it impossible to continue singing with the Nashville Opera Company, causing her to lose income. In other words, her singing career was ended by complications of a procedure to which she did not consent.

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The Singer Recently Filed A Medical-Malpractice Suit Against The Federal Government

Herbst’s doctors told her that she will most likely never fully recover from her injuries, suggesting that she may have a permanent disability. She will need to undergo various surgeries to correct the problems. These surgeries are expensive and painful, which has prompted her to seek compensation through a medical-malpractice lawsuit.

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