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The images that the term “medical malpractice” evokes are not particularly comforting. The cases that tend to make it into public consciousness involve accidental amputations due to chart mix ups and botched surgeries due to a surgical negligence. By their very nature, medical-malpractice lawsuits tend to be emotionally charged and saddening, but a recently finished case shows that they can be heartwarming as well.

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Lilly Ciechoski’s life began with a tragedy. About 45 minutes before she was born, her heart rate dropped, indicating that she was not receiving enough oxygen. That oxygen loss resulted in severe brain damage and caused her to develop spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Her condition causes her to spasms in her extremities that led doctors to tell her parents that she would likely never walk.

She also has limited function in her neck and has difficulty learning new skills. Four years later, Lilly took four shaky steps toward her mother in a court room. Those steps may have won the trial that will help her parents provide her the best possible medical care for the rest of her life.

The Medical-Malpractice Lawsuit Ended In One

Of The Largest Sums Ever Awarded

Lilly’s parents filed a lawsuit against three nurses, their doctor and the hospital where Lilly was born after they discovered that malpractice may be to blame for Lilly’s disability. The lawsuit claimed that the nurses failed to alert the doctor when they noticed a drop in Lilly’s heart rate. According to the parents, the nurses waited for 13 minutes.

After the doctor was told, the delivery was delayed for another 30 minutes. Lilly’s parents claim that Lilly’s brain damage was caused by the negligence of the hospital staff and not from normal complications related to child birth. A jury agreed, awarding them $32.8 million in damages.

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The Doctor And One Of The Nurses Were Not Found To Be Negligent, But The Other Two Nurses Were

Phoenixville Hospital, which is owned by a company based in Tennessee, is considering appealing the decision, but the jury’s decision was fairly straightforward. Lilly’s parents said that they plan to use the award to give their daughter every chance at leading a full and happy life.

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