Personal-Injury Attorney News: Nursing-Home Abuse Roundup

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that approximately 10 percent of the population older than 60 is suffering some form of abuse or neglect. Abuse is especially prevalent in nursing homes where family members visit seldom or not at all. Elderly dementia patients are the group most at risk because caregivers know their victims have no way of reporting abuse.



Most abuse occurs with long-term residents that have little contact with the outside world. Sadly, we don’t hear about the majority of these cases because the nursing-home employee will cover up the abuse until the resident dies. Sometimes, though, we get a glimpse at this mistreatment when temporary guests speak out against their treatment.

KFOR News reports that the family of Vietnam War veteran Don Johnson is outraged by a serious case of physical abuse. Johnson was recuperating in the nursing home after an illness when the incident occurred. When his wife came to take him home, he told her that a nurse had repeatedly punched him in the stomach, and he suffered severe bruises.

Elder Abuse Act Receives Little Funding

It’s difficult to determine how many elders suffer abuse each year because many cases go unreported. Even so, the 2010 National Elder Mistreatment Study reports that there are more than 5 million confirmed cases of elder abuse each year. That was enough to get Congress’s attention, and legislators enacted the Elder Justice Act that year.

The Olean Times Herald reports that although Congress approved the act, it wouldn’t fund it. This year, Obama proposed a budget of $25 million to keep the program alive, but the Senate only approved $10 million, which proved to be insufficient to tackle the widespread problem effectively.

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Nursing-Home Abuse Is a Complex Problem and Requires a Comprehensive Solution

Forbes reports that several issues must be addressed to curb the number of abuse cases per year. A general lack of awareness is the first problem that stands in the way. The public must be informed about the scale of the issue. To quantify this knowledge, experts suggest estimating how much the epidemic costs the country in medical expenses each year. That may help the message hit home.

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