Personal-Injury FAQs About Premises Liability

When people think of premises liability lawsuits, they often imagine fast-food restaurants that serve scalding-hot coffee or grocery stores that leave spilled milk on the floor, so it’s no surprise that many don’t know who may be liable when they are injured in a privately owned space other than a store or restaurant.


Throughout your day, there are a variety of people and companies that are responsible for developing safe environments, and if they fail in that duty, you have the right to seek compensation for any injuries that result. To help you determine if you have a case, we have answered four of the most frequently asked questions about premises liability.

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1. Can My Actions Before The Injury Affect My Premises-Liability Claim?

Yes. It is possible for a personal-injury claim to be invalidated based on your actions before the injury took place. For instance, if you were intoxicated at the time of the accident and your intoxication directly influenced the accident, you may not have a case.

2. Are Property Owners Responsible For Any Injury That Occurs On Their Property?

As the previous answer indicates, property owners are not responsible for every injury that occurs on the premises. For instance, if a hazard develops on a property, and the owner quickly and sufficiently warns you about the hazard, they are not responsible for your injury.

Likewise, if you are trespassing on their property, the owner is not likely to be held responsible for your injuries.

3. Can A Landlord Be Held Responsible For Injuries On A Property They Manage?

Nolo for All explains that landlords are held to a different set of standards than owners when it comes to providing for your safety. Once you move in, you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment, but if the landlord knew about a hazard that existed before you moved in or they negligently repaired a defect, then they may be responsible for an injury that occurs.

4. If I Was Injured In A Hotel, Is The Hotel Responsible?

There are many instances when a hotel may be held responsible for an injury. For example, if the injury was caused by a lack of adequate lighting, a known building flaw or a hazard that the hotel staff created, the hotel could be liable.

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