Personal-Injury Lawyer News: Not All Malpractice Lawsuits Are Motivated by Money

Personal-injury lawsuits serve a dual purpose in our society, but most people focus on the monetary side of the process. The lawsuits are primarily about compensating victims of negligent behavior, and this is the aspect that receives the most press.


However, they also serve as agents of change and can address problems that people in positions of authority are unaware of or unwilling to fix. This is most clearly seen in medical-malpractice lawsuits because hospital administrations are notoriously unwilling to make changes to policies, even when patient safety is involved.

Medical-malpractice lawsuits force administrators to reconsider their stances and will often lead to positive changes. Forbes echoes that sentiment, commenting that formal complaints have little or no impact, whereas lawsuits get the administration’s attention.

Avoidable Errors Often Remain Habitual Until a Patient Files a Medical-Malpractice Claim

The problem is, it’s easy for medical staff to slip into a routine of providing substandard care, especially when those in charge don’t make the effort to monitor these issues. This happens more often than you might think.

According to the National Institute of Medicine, approximately 398,000 people suffer physical harm due to preventable errors in U.S. hospitals each year.

Hospitals aren’t the only institutions that are perpetuating these problems, though. Any company as large and varied as a hospital has difficulty enacting quick reforms; however, Americans must hold hospital staff to a higher standard because of the risk outdated and dangerous procedures pose to patients. Until the industry finds a better way to address patient-safety problems, malpractice lawsuits are the most effective way victims can address the issue.

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A Physician Suggests Mandatory Testing to Ensure Doctors Aren’t Impaired

Alcoholism and drug dependencies aren’t unheard of among doctors. In fact, TIME reports that drug abuse in hospitals is common for a variety of reasons. Of course, doctors have more access to drugs, and there have been numerous cases of medical staff stealing prescription drugs from hospitals.

Doctors are also on call for a majority of their workweek, and even high-functioning alcoholics find it difficult not to drink after work. The TIME article profiles a doctor who believes drug testing should be mandatory for all hospital staff members.

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