Personal-Injury Lawyer News Roundup For Nashville

Schools are responsible for more than just educating their students; they also have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for the young people that attend classes. Parents trust the staff to make responsible decisions and quickly address safety concerns. Sometimes, they misplace their trust.


According to News Channel 5, one high-school student in Tennessee claims that her school failed to stop serious sexual bullying even after she reported the behavior to the administration. According to her lawsuit, the school board admitted a special needs student who had a history of violence at other schools.

The school determined that the boy could attend classes so long as he was under constant supervision. Unfortunately, he was not. The girl alleges that she was attacked several times, saying that the boy would lick her leg and back. In one particularly violent attack, he choked her while trying to lick her face. The girl is seeking $300,000 in damages related to the attacks.

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Wall Collapse Sparks Wrongful-Death Lawsuit In Tennessee

Last April, Jose Velasco-SanAugustin was working on a Goodwill Industries store, doing excavation work. Above him, an employee with a waterproofing company was standing on a ladder, caulking around the outside of a wall. According to a report issued by the Tennessee Dxivision of Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA), a gust of wind caused the 24-foot brick wall to fall onto Velasco-SanAugustin, killing him instantly.

Velasco-SanAugustin is survived by his wife and three children. The Tennessean reports that his widow recently filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against three companies who were working on the building. She is seeking compensatory damages totaling $3 million and punitive damages totaling $3 million.

The Government Fined The Companies After TOSHA Released Its Report

The report found that the construction workers did not properly brace the wall. At the time of the accident, only four braces supported the wall. Safety codes required at least 24 braces. Strangely, all 24 braces were present a few days before the accident, but an employee must have removed them.

In additional to

the bracing issue, the government cited each of the companies for negligence based on not limiting access to the site and not training their employees on the proper methods of wall construction. Each company was fined approximately $16,000 for the accident, which killed two workers and severely injured another.

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