Personal-Injury Lawyer Regarding Nursing Home Abuse

Most personal-injury lawsuits center on accidents where negligence played a role. Few involve any maliciousness or premeditated acts. However, one of the more unconscionable types of a personal-injury lawsuit regards nursing home abuse.

nursing home abuse

When an elderly adult experiences abuse, it’s rare that it happened purely by accident. In most cases, the abuser is his or her caregiver, such as a staff member at a nursing home. Unfortunately, elder abuse is severely underreported. Many victims are unable to speak for themselves, either due to a debilitating condition or to a lack of contact with the outside world.

If your loved one currently resides in a long-term care facility, you should be aware of the signs of abuse, so you know when to file a personal-injury lawsuit. By far, the most common form of elderly abuse is neglect. Nursing homes in the United States are severely understaffed and underequipped, and it’s not unusual for patients to fall through the cracks.

Neglect Can Be Just As Devastating As Cases Of Physical Abuse

Neglect often results in bedsores, fall injuries and malnutrition or dehydration. The State Commissioner of Health has the ability to order a suspension of admissions to any nursing home that is deemed unable to provide safe living conditions for its residents.

The State Gazette reports that Tennessee’s own commissioner suspended admissions to a facility that was investigated due to a complaint. However, not every resident has the ability nor the means to file a formal complaint, and many negligent facilities remain operational.

The commissioner ordered the most recent suspension because the facility’s nursing services were not kept to a safe level, which poses a very obvious danger to any resident in need of medical care. If you believe that a care

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facility failed to provide your loved one with adequate care, ultimately resulting in a serious injury, it’s time to involve a personal-injury lawyer.

At the Grimmett Law Firm, PLLC, we work hard to ensure that our clients find justice for elder abuse. Oftentimes, the care facility and the abuser will take steps to cover up their neglect. We specialize in thoroughly investigating abuse claims to ensure that our clients have the best chance of winning in court.

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The Claimant In A Personal-Injury Lawsuit Must Prove Liability

When a care facility accepts a new resident, they accept the responsibility of providing a reasonable level of care. To claim that they are liable for your loved one’s injuries, we must prove that they failed in that responsibility.

To prove that the nursing home is liable, you must establish that they knew about the problem and failed to take appropriate action to stop it. In many cases, neglect can be shown by the disparity between the time of an injury and the time it was treated.

Whether your loved one was physically abused or neglected, we can help you seek justice for any injuries, which may allow you to find more suitable arrangements. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 1-877-900-4878.