Supreme Court Rules That Personal-Injury

The concept of responsibility is at the heart of most personal-injury lawsuits, especially if the defendant is a business. Businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their customers. They are required to warn customers of hazards on the property and to fix those hazards quickly.


When they fail to maintain a safe environment, serious injuries can occur, and the business is left open to a lawsuit that can help the injured party pay for their medical bills and suffering. A recent lawsuit in Tennessee has raised questions about how far a business’s responsibility to its customers extends.

Jan McCool visited a Walmart to have a prescription filled. Employees working in the pharmacy department noticed that McCool was acting inebriated and refused to give her prescription drugs. McCool became belligerent when she was denied her medication.

The employees told McCool to leave the premises. McCool complied and left the store angrily. She got into her car and began to back out of her parking space when she lost control of the vehicle and continued to reverse. She backed into another Walmart customer, Jolyn Cullum, who was loading groceries into the back of her car and pinned her between the two vehicles.

McCool Was Oblivious To Cullum’s Cries For Help And Didn’t Move Until Bystanders Intervened

Other customers rushed to help, telling McCool to pull forward. McCool drove forward, stopped her vehicle and got out. She then attempted to provide aid to Cullum by moving her, which only injured her further.

Shortly after, Cullum filed a lawsuit against both McCool and Walmart, claiming that store employees failed to provide a safe environment by allowing an obviously inebriated customer get into her car and drive. Although Walmart does have a responsibility to provide for the safety of their customers, they argued that they could not be responsible for a third party’s behavior.

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When A Lower Court Dismissed Cullum’s Personal-Injury Lawsuit, She Appealed The Decision

WTVC News reports that the Tennessee’s Supreme Court will allow the case to proceed, saying that Cullum had enough evidence to suggest that Walmart may have acted negligently. Although the decision does not mean that Cullum’s lawsuit will be successful, they did say that the foreseeability of a crime should be considered when determining if negligence occurred.

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