Ways That The THP Is Targeting Negligent Drivers

All over the United States, lawmakers and law enforcement are making efforts to curb distracted drivers. Tennessee was the 10th state to institute a texting and driving ban. Five years later, the legislature is set to augment the ban, making it even tougher on distracted drivers, but our politicians aren’t the only ones who take the issue seriously.

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The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) has been doing its part to enforce the ban and make the highways safer for everyone. In fact, there were three news stories this week about different efforts that the THP is making to catch distracted and impaired drivers. Below, you’ll find a quick summary of each article.

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1. Through Enforcement Campaigns That Target Distracted Drivers

WMCTV reports that THP plans to conduct a 12-hour, sweeping campaign of Tennessee. During the campaign, it will use the due-dare law, which is a vague piece of legislation that allows law enforcement to ticket reckless drivers.

The patrol plans to use the law to look for drivers who aren’t wearing seatbelts or who are distracted by their cell phones or GPS. Depending on how the campaign goes, the patrol may incorporate the due-dare law into everyday use.

2. Using Helicopters

According to WBBJTV, the THP has created a plan, dubbed “Operation Smoke,” which aims to curb distracted driving using aerial support. The THP helicopter will be put to good use, flying up and down the highways looking for reckless and distracted drivers.

The agency has made it clear that they are looking for any type of distracted driving. Although texting is a dangerous offense that must be addressed, the patrol will cite any driver who is eating, applying makeup or otherwise not focusing on the road.

3. Increasing Patrols Over St. Patrick’s Day

WBBJTV reports that last St. Patrick’s Day 13 Tennesseans died in car accidents. In an effort to decrease the number of fatalities this year, THP plans to increase the number of traffic officers looking for impaired drivers.

In 2014, THP has already been cracking down on drunk drivers, arresting 1,535 drivers for DUI so far this year.

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