Tennessee-Based Hospital Sued

Losing a loved one is devastating no matter the circumstances, but losing them because of a doctor’s negligence or recklessness is infuriating. To make matters worse, doctors almost never face criminal charges even if their actions are extremely dangerous, which means that your only recourse to find justice is through a medical-malpractice lawsuit.


In Tennessee, suing a doctor is now much easier said than done. Lobbyists relentlessly—and successfully—pressured the legislature to make malpractice lawsuits difficult to win for patients. That said, many cases still stand a good chance of winning. You may be wondering how you can determine whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

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A Tennessee Medical Company Faces A Medical-Malpractice Lawsuit After Patient Dies

Philly.com reports that the family of E. Steven Collins recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital where he died. Last September, Collins walked into the hospital complaining of difficulty breathing, pain and pressure in his chest and clammy skin. His doctor discovered that Collins had very high blood pressure and ordered an electrocardiogram.

Any experienced doctor would look at those symptoms and know that Collins was experiencing a heart attack. However, his doctor neglected to consult a heart specialist and decided to treat Collins only for the high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the drug that he administered lowered Collins’s blood pressure to unsafe limits, and the strain on his heart only increased. The hospital staff claims that they planned to transfer him to a medical center better equipped for treatment, but he died three hours later without receiving any treatment for his heart attack.

His Family Claims That He Could Have Survived If The Situation Had Been Handled Differently

When a person experiences a heart attack, it is vital that they receive blood-thinning medication as soon as possible, which is why doctors advise you to chew an Aspirin if you ever suffer a heart attack.

Had the emergency room doctor called for a cardiologist, Collins may still be alive today. He leaves behind a loving wife and two children. His widow filed the lawsuit, naming the hospital, the doctor and the Tennessee-based medical company.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury while being treated at a hospital, we can help you decide if pursuing a lawsuit is the right next step. If it is, we will gather evidence to support your claim and find expert witnesses if necessary. To learn more about our services, call 1-877-900-4878.