To Reduce Car Wrecks

A growing number of crashes that result from negligent driving behaviors, including texting and talking on cell phones, has prompted many states to ban cell phone use while driving. The problem is that police are finding the bans hard to enforce. Instead of calling for new legislation, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) is getting creative.


NBC News reports that the THP is using a semi-truck to catch drivers who are texting. One officer drives the truck and pulls up alongside other motorists on the highway. His passenger—another patrolman—looks for texting and alerts other officers when he sees it. Despite the truck’s size, the THP says that many drivers don’t even notice it coming because they are so distracted by their phones.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Victims Of Negligent Drivers Recover

People who have been in car wrecks with negligent drivers often suffer serious injuries that create large medical bills and change their quality of life for the worse. Many victims are released from the hospital only to discover that the negligent driver’s insurance is refusing to pay for their bills. If you are in a similar situation, we can help.

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The Ban On Texting Comes At The Same Time That A New Negligent Driving Trend Emerges

As policy makers and law-enforcement officers work out the most effective ways to curb texting and driving, WSMV News reports that an even more dangerous form of negligent driving has become popular among teens in Tennessee. The news service found that there are more than 3 million pictures on Instagram that teens took of themselves while driving.

Trends like these have contributed to the statistic that more than 10 percent of car crashes in Tennessee involve cell phone use. That number is 10 times the national average. If you have been hit by a driver who was talking, texting or snapping photos on their phone, then you should contact an attorney right away.

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